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At the maker-space

Rather than sit on my couch and code, I found a local “maker-space” where I could sit around other people and code. Since it’s my first visit, I got a tour of their equipment. Side note: my transformation into a techy must be in full effect because I found myself genuinely interested in the gadgets they have (3D printer, Raspberry Pi – among other things I’ve forgotten the names of).

I sit surrounded by sawdust and power tools I’d be too afraid to use, while a few programmers sit around me and work on their own projects.

This is a great space!

Today’s agenda:

Hone my PHP skills.

The volunteer position I’m interviewing for this afternoon is built in Codeigniter with PHP. While I’m comfortable with the basics of PHP, I worry I’ll be in over my head taking on a large project built entirely in it. I’m working on preparing myself for the opportunity though.


After a productive morning of PHP, Apache, and job-hunting, the owners of the maker-space invited me to join them for lunch across the street. It is admittedly intimidating trying to keep up with the conversation of people who, combined, have likely been programming for longer than I’ve been alive. It was great getting to know others in the industry though. Once I get passed my imposter syndrome, I could see this becoming a good niche for me – something I’ve never felt in other job before.


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