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Out of focus

The cold that’s been developing for the past few days has finally knocked me over. I’ve got meetups all week that I’m going to try to drag myself to, but it’s a struggle to focus on anything at the moment.

Some good news though:

The co-founders of the maker space I visited yesterday have asked me to work on a project with them. They currently have a live web-feed of their space and want to add a new feature: using a Raspberry Pi, they want to keep up-to-the-minute track of who is in the space at any given time. This will allow members to check the list online in order to see if there’s anyone in the space that they’d like to meet up with. It sounds like a fun idea and I’m excited about the opportunity. I’ve never worked with a Raspberry Pi before, but I’m getting giddy over the chance to. Plus, this will be a good opportunity to learn new things, expand my skills/resume, and meet some cool people.

In other news:

I talked to the man yesterday about the other volunteer project that I was interested in working on. My plan today was to spend much of the day looking over the APIs they’re using and the code he sent me, but my illness is making that difficult. Regardless, I think I may be in over my head with his project. I’m going to be upfront with him about the fact that I’m a junior dev and there will be a considerable learning curve. I’m eager to give it a shot and help in any way that I can, but I worry that his expectations of me are too lofty for what I can actually deliver.


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