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4 Semesters of Computer Science in 6 hrs – Big O

I’m working through a 6-hour-long video series which covers such topics as Big O notation, algorithms, data structures, etc. : Basically, the nitty-gritty stuff that we didn’t cover in DBC.

First, a very simplified was to determine Big O –

n : If you have a single loop, your function is O(n).

n-squared : If you have nested loops, each additional loop adds one to the exponent. So, a loop in a loop would be n-squared; a loop, in a loop, in a loop, would be n-cubed, etc. These are bad news.

1 : If you have no loops at all; you go in, perform an operation, and get out, your big O is O(1).

log(n) : If you’re using any kind of recursion – or divide and conquer – your big 0 is O(log n)

On to the next lesson!

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Ups and downs

I started out my morning by going to the maker space to learn more about their project. They want to be able to ping users’ devices and use the results to list on their website the members who are currently in the space. The hope is that others will see this list, and will be incentivized to show up as well. Stretch goal is to implement a Leader Board, ranking members by the amount of time that they spend in the space.

As mentioned before, one of the hardest parts about this career change is keeping up with the conversations of senior programmers. I’m new to the vernacular, and am so fresh to the coding world that I often don’t even know what it is that I don’t know. The guys today suggested I start by exploring some of the things that they’re using for the project. So, I began by looking into Unix and Nmap. I’m still not entirely sure what Unix is or how it differs from the command line that I’ve been using (the commands seem the same…?), but Nmap has been interesting to explore. I’ve worked through the very introductory tutorial here.

Exposing my ignorance:

In order to fully comprehend this tutorial, there are more terms I need to explore.

  • Host
  • Router
  • How IP addresses work
  • Network
  • Ports

All terms that I’ve heard a million times, but which I’m realizing I don’t really fully understand. I feel lost at the end of days like today. But, I have to remember how much more I understand now than I understood 6 months ago. In 6 more months, I’ll be lightyears beyond where I am now. Always learning.

Then, I had my mock technical interview. Unfortunately, due to internet issues, the interviewer kept cutting in and out. I only heard every third word that he said, making the interview pretty incomprehensible. I could tell he was frustrated with my inability to understand him and with me frequently having to ask him to repeat himself. Needless to say, it did not go well. Plus side: He asked me a coding question that I’ve never encountered before, so it’s going to be a good exercise to add to my stack of white-boarding questions.

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My first interview is nigh

I received my first callback today. It’s from a third-party staffing firm regarding front end and back end positions that they’re trying to fill. My imposter syndrome and overall awkwardness have me doubting my ability to land a job this quickly, but worst case scenario, this will at least be good interview-practice for me. In order to prepare for my meeting with them on Friday, I need to refresh some of my SQL and Rails skills. I decided to devote tomorrow to those two tasks, since the recruiter specifically mentioned them as requirements for their open positions.

Thursday, I have the hour-long mock technical interview that I scheduled through the firm that DBC contracts with. That should also be good preparation for the real thing on Friday. Other than that, I’ll spend Thursday during the day at the maker space, brainstorming the Raspberry Pi project with the guys there.

Overall, I’d say it’s been a productive 4 days out of DBC: Signed on to two volunteer jobs, got free membership at a maker space, met a handful of great folks in the industry, and scheduled my first job interview.

Also, this arrived in the mail today.