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My first interview is nigh

I received my first callback today. It’s from a third-party staffing firm regarding front end and back end positions that they’re trying to fill. My imposter syndrome and overall awkwardness have me doubting my ability to land a job this quickly, but worst case scenario, this will at least be good interview-practice for me. In order to prepare for my meeting with them on Friday, I need to refresh some of my SQL and Rails skills. I decided to devote tomorrow to those two tasks, since the recruiter specifically mentioned them as requirements for their open positions.

Thursday, I have the hour-long mock technical interview that I scheduled through the firm that DBC contracts with. That should also be good preparation for the real thing on Friday. Other than that, I’ll spend Thursday during the day at the maker space, brainstorming the Raspberry Pi project with the guys there.

Overall, I’d say it’s been a productive 4 days out of DBC: Signed on to two volunteer jobs, got free membership at a maker space, met a handful of great folks in the industry, and scheduled my first job interview.

Also, this arrived in the mail today.



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